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What is Bruh and our services

Bruh! is a slang and we believe to deliver the value added service to the society focusing on South East Asian countries.The app is equip with several features that Can be use in the operated countries without restriction.among other features we hope with the service rendered we can improved the life for everyone be it driver or consumers.

We hope this mobile device are able to facilitate the poeple in the city area and its surrounding.

We believe technology itself has evolved and that we wanted to take advantage of it deliver to everyone use.

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easy use of our bruh! Services app


specify pick-up and delivery

Specify pick-up and delivery points. Bruh will estimate the service Cost for you


driver search

Bruh will find drivers around you. You Just wait for confirmation form Driver.


Arrive Safely

Share your trip details with loved ones for added safety or even just to let them know you’re on your way.


app payment

The in app-payment accept both credit and debit card, top up of wallet will be assign to designated location and kiosk marts for some and to avoid misuse case of theft.Infuture we will also accept Crypto currency for the payment options.We are working our best for all.


Chat feature

Once Driver finds you, easily contact them by phone or free chat. Rates will be adjusted according to the distance pick up and delivery

Incentive by Bruh and to Bros.

Incentive for Drivers 

To reward our drivers and Their hardwork in delivering the service rendered incentive will be offered to all riders and drivers

Anyone today can get a job to earn extra income,join us to the new revolution.

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voucher for consumers

We will also reward our users with such vouchers will be redeemable for food and other services for particular region based on the point system.Not to forget to the ones who needs helps,we will do a charity drive voucher,so stay tuned for it.

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Everybody wins

We will deliver to all rural areas and city.

We ensure the food deliver to your doorstep unless for a reason by individual users

We come out with a point system for both drivers and consumers (users).

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